In my role at Facebook, I was both a designer and a problem solver.
I have proudly supported high profile speakers with premium presentations for both internal and external events, such as F8, Oculus Connect, and company-wide all hands meetings. I focus not only on the story the presenter wants to tell, but more importantly, on what they want their audience to feel.
Beyond the design work itself, I am passionate about helping the people around me do more of what they do best. I love scouring the tech landscape for the best tools to improve collaboration and workflow. And you’ll often hear me sharing tips and tricks to help others get the most out of the technology we already have.
From rolling out a new instance of to enable real-time team collaboration, to on-boarding new members of the team, I’m always looking for ways to push the limits of our collective creativity and productivity--to ensure that the entire team puts forth the most compelling presentations to Facebook’s most important audiences.

Other Work Examples